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Default Maintaining security: Two users


Can You please help me with the problem I'm facing?

Problem: There are two users (including myself) who work on one PC. The other user is a total amateur and doesn't want a single security software installed (due to ignorance and the fear of popups). We both surf the internet a lot, and transfer content from definitely infected PCs.

I want a software setup which will satisfy the needs of us both.

Options which I thought of:
1. I thought of creating separate user accounts in Windows XP. However, if there are no defence systems (like antivirus, firewall, HIPS) in one account, the PC may anyways get infected or hacked into. This may affect my account too.

2. Run the other (insecure, vulnerable) account in some kind of virtual environment.

3. Install a second operating system (Windows XP itself) if possible and if it does serve any purpose.

4. Use some kind of 'Disk Quotas' alongwith the option(s) stated above.

These are gross options. Please suggest me which one to take and how to go about it. You might be having better options in your mind.

I want to run the best of security softwares when *I* am using the PC, however the other user wants himself to be kept free of any hassles regarding these security programs.
I don't mind if the other user's 'work-area' gets damaged due to intrusion or virus infection, but my 'work-area' should be untouched if something wrong happens to the other's.

My aim would be to have both the users secured (but the adamant person will allow me to install at the most, an antivirus, in his work-area)

It's looking a bit difficult to achieve this, but I believe there always lies a solution.

Please help me with this, if possible.
Thanks a lot.
Spruce Plexus
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Forgive the inference but if we can assume that your knowledge level is sufficient to manage Windows appropriately and their's most definitely isn't had you considered a dual boot with one of the latest "works out of the box" type Linux distros?

A couple of us have gone down this road recently as can be seen in the various threads here (especially Peppermint).

Risk of infection (for them) would be almost zero, no antimalware or third party firewall requirement, and you would only need to take care with anything that might be passed from there to the Windows partition which from what you say might not be applicable anyway.

Not for everyone, but certainly an option.
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This is an option.
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something like Wondershare Timefreeze or Returnil would be perfect for this situation, but I would still install a firewall. Then set up the firewall to be non talkative. For example Online-Armor Free with the Program Guard turned off. You lose outgoing protection, but retain the all important incoming protection.
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