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Question home network IP conflict

My network had been up and going for well over a year. It connects two desktops, a laptop, router (and a wired in slave router-- our house rambles about a good deal and there is no way to get a good signal all over with just one router), and 2 printers. Being it is wireless occasionally guests go on the network for internet access, but it secure enough that no one steals the signal.
However ever since the system went up several times the computers will pop up an error message that there is "IP ADDRESS" conflict. I have tried to track the source of the conflict down and manually change the IP numbers, but the message keeps coming.
One very odd thing about this is that the messages always appear at the same time of day, and also seem to switch about from computer to computer as well
It worried me at first, but now I simply ignore it and nothing seems to be affected-- life on the network goes on as it should

So, do I try to fix it, and if so is there a program that will do it-- do I simply keep ignoring it, or do I call in wiser people that I to solve the issue.

I AM NOT A VERY ADVANCED COMPUTER NERD-- JUST A TENDERFOOT NERD --so I can quickly get lost if what is necessary gets overly complicated.

Would appreciate any comments, recommendations, or suggestions from the good folks that wonder about in this site.
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The consistent time of day for this event would seem to be the key somehow. If this is not something instigated by your ISP or by a scheduled task from within your own network then are you absolutely certain that no third party has been able to hijack your bandwidth?

I'm no expert in this area either other than to say that where I live scanners are a dime a dozen and several folks I know have discovered that someone has used one to identify their signal and clone their bandwidth.

This might help, otherwise you'll need a more informed brain than mine

Good luck with sorting it out
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I have seen where the same type of problem has happened to others. That is there are ip address conflicts even while using DHCP to assign them. I really can't offer any advice on how to solve the problem as I have personally never dealt with it. But you may get some help by doing a search using the terms "DHCP and ip address conflicts."

My guess is that the reason that the problem occurs at about the same time each day, is because that is when the ip address "lease" expires, and DHCP tries to assign new addresses.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Login to your your router and check what devices are currently connected. Maybe you will see a suspicious one. Other than that it happens once in a while that even with DHCP a router might try to assign an address twice under certain circumstances.

Usually on your router you can configure only specific devices allowed to connect to it. You have to specify which MAC addresses are allowed. A MAC address is a unique identifier of every network adapter. Your router will show the MAC addresses of the connected devices. Identify yours and only allow them to connect. Maybe a friend can help you configuring it.
Best regards, George
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could be the router is reseting/flushing the ip addresses daily :S
have you tried to manually assign the ip instead of lettitng router do it?

edit: ritho put it better than i did lol
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