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Default Mouse hover activate - disable

12 days ago option "mouse activation on hover" (don't know real exact name of the application) activated on my laptop...
- as soon as i put my mouse over some window it activates. Its really annoying.
I have toshiba tecra s10-11a, with dual pointing device and a mouse. It all worked great 2 years, and than one day...
Its not mouse sensitvity or touchpad sensitivity - i tried all setting and permutations...

these are the things i tried and found on google. -

control panel - mouse settings - there is no that option - i looked every tab and setting... and all combinations (disable mouse, accupoint, touchpad...nothing)

control panel - accesibility options - same- no use
Start menu - properties - Customize- Advanced - "Open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse" - unmarked.
tweakUI - diabled option Xmouse, but after restart its the same, and I placed 0 milisec on every option, but no use.

Total Control - it has option to disable, and its the only thing that works - until i restart my pc - than its ON again..

in registry i found and changed options -
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse -
MousehoverHeight - 0
MousehoverTime - 0
MousehoverWidth - 0

I didn't deleted those settings, I just placed 0 sec...

I scaned my laptop with 2 AV(avg and clamav), and CCleaner,...

Is there any option I haven't tried, or found?

Some registry thing to change???
some help!?

I posted same question on several forums, and no help...

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Originally Posted by lovro_becem View Post
12 days ago option "mouse activation on hover" (don't know real exact name of the application) activated on my laptop...
It should be "activation on mouse hover"... which means any other window gets activated when you hover the mouse over it.

Do you remember what changes you made on your system, when this happened?

What is your OS? Vista?

I have XP, so I can help with the settings of XP only. I checked up settings on XP, and I did not see any such settings for the mouse.

I do not have laptop, so I cannot check any settings for the touchpad too. Someone else with access to a laptop with Vista on it should be able to help you.

Do you remember the original registry settings to which you made changes to? Because, once the problem gets solved, you might want to put the original settings back. Playing with registry is not recommended, unless you are being careful, and have also taken registry backup.
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