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Default Help Upgrading Memory

Hi, I have an Alienware ALX 19" laptop, the laptop started giving me the blue screen of death, I did a memory check, and memory is bad. So now I want to upgrade, but im not sure what memory is right for my lap top. The way my laptop came was with two sticks of a one giga bite each, only one is bad.

^^^^this is the bad memory stick, I want to replace them both for a 2bg sticks witch will give me a total of 4gb ram, but I havent being able to find such thing, now the only ram I have been able to find are this 1gb

Now the only problem I find is that the memory that works that is on my laptop says its a DDR (PC3200) and the speed is 200 MHz, and all this memorys that i have found are DDR SO-Dimm (PC3200) and what scares me to install in my laptop is that the speed of this new ram is 400MHz... that could burn my pc. So this laptop I pay 6000 long long long time ago, like 4 yrs ago. so there is no more support from alien ware. I want to fix it, but i wanna make sure I do it right, i dont wanna burn the motherboard. So Please help

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Go to:

They all have a Memory Configurator. There you can select your brand, model, etc. and they will tell you what kind you have or need. You can then either buy it directly from the manufacturer or go to New Egg and buy it from them (or wherever you want).
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Just a FYI, higher speed memory won't "burn" your pc.

Regardless of the rating of the ram, it will only run at the speed of your bus. (or the speed of the ram, which ever is lowest)

If the ram is rated at 400 and you bus is rated at 200, the ram will only
run at 200. (If the chip will even fit in the socket)

Yes, you should match bus speed and ram speed, but just as important
is to used matched pairs of identical memory chips.
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