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Answertome 11. Sep 2010 06:02 PM

Advice in the art of SLI
Hi all,
I have a faithful MSI NGTX260 896MB 448BIT DDR3
I have been given a ZOTAC GTX285 1GB 512BIT DDR3 (Batman edition)
Needless to say the 285 is going in with gusto.
They are not that visually dissimilar, are 285's not just a 280 core fully unlocked and OC'd to the max? are the same core made in a smaller archatecture?
I am Keen to know if these cards share enough of the same guff
to allow me to use the 285 as the primary gpu and the 260 to process Physx or just provide extra video this possible or do they have to be the same cards? and is it worth the extra power that will inevitably be drawn
Ben W.A.

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