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Default Nvidia driver helper service has stopped working please help.

There is a message that keeps popping up saying nvidia driver helper service, Version 258.96 stopped working and was closed. How can i fix this, and would this be the reason that my programs stop responding 90% of the time I open them, and after sleep mode it takes a couple minutes for my mouse and keyboard to work?
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First thing I would do is make sure you have the latest version of your driver set installed.
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Looks like you already have the latest Nvidia driver.

I would reinstall the drivers by carefully following this Tweakguide. It's quite a long article but well worth the effort.

Having said that, the other symptoms you describe could be a sign of a more extensive problem with your system, such as malware infection or malfunctioning hardware. These issues may need to be addressed first.
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Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer may also give you some clues to what is causing the problems.
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rowta, you have posted a thread regarding your problems, here :

Did you follow any of the suggestions given in that thread? Did you post about the malware problem on the sites suggested? From what you describe, the problem is bigger than just drivers. Please follow the suggestions in the other thread. Its won't be much use posting new threads about your problems.
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