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Default Win XP SP3 cause USB Problem?

Sorry if the question has already been asked.

Does Win XP SP3 really cause problem on USB port?
I tried search it on google, found the same problems but I didn't found the answer unfortunately.

I borrowed an USB modem, just want to test it because I want to switch to mobile internet.
My PC has 5 USB ports. The modem kept disconecting after several minutes when I plug it on the front ports and on the 2 ports on the back. Only one port worked fine with the modem. That's strange.
I believe the "all back ports" are fine because I always connect my camera, storage, phone etc on those ports without any problem.
Just a 'litte' problem with the front port, it can't connect my Nexto mobile photo storage (plug and play, no need driver), but it can connect my phone.

Then I tested the modem with my laptop XP SP2. It worked, no disconnection for hours. The modem owner uses XP SP2 also.

Should I update the USB driver? Or it's a hardware failure?
Back to SP2?

Thanks in advance
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It is always worth updating device drivers, you can always revert back to the previous one if there is a problem, it is also worth checking in Device Manager to see if it is showing any issues.

I use XP-SP3 and although it was nothing to do with the OS the USB ports on the front of my PC reverted from USB2 to USB1.1, I cannot offer you the details of how I discovered this but if you run a search online I am sure you will find out how to check.

I also have a USB modem and it still plays up from time to time, if you keep losing your connection make sure you have the latest drivers from the modem manufacturers, if not update them. And although it is stating the obvious make sure all the connections are alright.

If you change the port you are using for a device it is sometimes useful to reboot afterwards as the OS does not always register the change.
Have a look at a program called USBDeview and you will see that there is a record of every port and every device you have ever connected.
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Have you checked whether the front ports are USB 2? If they're USB 1 (40 times slower than USB 2) they may be too slow for the modem.
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