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Default Thunderbird and GMail: Can't send e-mail

I've been having this problem for around a year. It persists with every update of Thunderbird (TB). And I wonder if anyone here has had this problem and/or knows what the solution is.

When first adding the gmail account in Thunderbird I can then both receive and send, but while the receiving continues to work, the sending quickly comes to fail and this is strange, for it happens without any configuration changes that I'm aware of or make.

When freshly installing Thunderbird and letting the install process create the gmail account in the app., this works, and am pretty sure that it also first worked when I added the gmail account to TB after TB was installed. But, and in the latter case anyway, sending using the gmail account doesn't work for long. Within a matter of days the sending fails and the failure continues from that point onward.

I haven't done a search of either,, or Google yet to see if anyone has posted about this problem there and I should do this; but maybe it's not a bad idea to post about this problem here anyway. For now I just use my Yahoo! Mail (YM) account for sending and when wanting replies to go to the gmail account, then I add my gmail address for "Reply To"; where a person might otherwise not specify anything, or would specify, f.e., an address for CC.

If this problem was due to malware, then I don't see why my YM account through Thunderbird would continue to work for receiving [and] sending e-mails, both. So malware shouldn't be the problem; unless it'd be malware that targets gmail users and not users of YM. I don't see why anyone making malware that hypothetically might be causing this problem would do this instead of attacking both or all on-line e-mail accounts that TB can operate with.

Gmail is greatly "clean as a whistle", but there's this clench-my-teeth problem with sending e-mails using TB. The problem doesn't happen if I use the GMail website with a Web browser; only happening with TB.

Perhaps one solution is to back up the TB GMail folder, delete the GMail account in TB, completely uninstall TB, and then reinstall TB and let it create or add the GMail account during the TB install process. But maybe there's a simpler, easier, better solution, for this other one is not great even if it does work; and it might only work temporarily, again.

The TB Gmail folder I'm referring to is:
C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\951usvwu.default\Mail\po
That's the one that'd be deleted in TB, while the YM account would be left in place (until I feel like finally changing all of my e-mail subscriptions anyway).

I hope there's a simpler way to correct this TB-GMail send problem.

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The best (and probably fastes) way to find a solution to your problem is to visit the mozillaZine Forums, where there's a dedicated section called "Thunderbird Support".
If you can't find a solution and you're not a member already, they allow you to post as Guest, in case you don't want to register.
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