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rawta 03. Jul 2010 01:32 AM

Why does my windows xp computer restart by itself?
I accidently unplugged my computer then it kinda failed(this was two years ago it wouldnt even start at all back then). I start windows normally then it restarts after it. Sometimes it goes to where i can log in then it restarts. Its completely random reboot. I've tried putting in vista operating cd to try to install vista instead of xp, then it says boot from cd, then just goes to the screen where i can select start windows normally etc. I tried putting vista in the cd drive, and the dvd drive and no success.

tushR 03. Jul 2010 06:46 AM

Few basic steps to try in order to install vista:
When you are trying to boot from cd > It should say something like " press any key from boot from cd"...try hitting enter then. Doesn't work (try any other boot cd too)? -Shutdown your PC, disconnect power cable, then press the power button of the CPU..hold it for 10 seconds, put back power cable and restart, try to boot from cd... still fails?
Go to setup/BIOS (depends on make - generally F2 or Delete or F12)..there you should get an option to reset setting to default, do, exit...try again!

Sope 03. Jul 2010 10:36 AM

My first guess would be a hardware problem.

A quick web search came up with this page which may help point you in the right direction.

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