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Mamata 03. Jun 2010 08:40 AM

HP Laserjet 3050 Prob!
Hi All,
My HP All-in-One 3050 laserjet is giving a minor prob.Actually it was printing a document while inadvertently I switched off the printer so the paper it was printing at that time is now stuck inside the printer.I tried a lot to to take it out by several time following the command its showing on the machine i.e. "No Paper Pick-up" Press "Enter".But still its not working.Even I switched it off and then started it still no result.Can anyone help me out to sort this error ????????Plz....

Anupam 03. Jun 2010 08:49 AM

If the paper is still stuck inside the printer, you have to take it out manually. It won't throw the paper out by any command.

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