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Default Moving things around

I just brought a new external hard drive 1TB as the hard drive on my computer has around 110GB and was running low on space. And i now have more space then i know what to do with.

My computer isnt without ist share of problems such as driver imaging programs lag and freeze up on me no matter which one. And if i insert a RW disc and right click to format either my system restarts or My Computer Freezes up. Plus some other things. I'm thinking of reloading my xp disc for a clean computer.
To try and keep my computer fast and clear i had a few thoughts i would like some opinions with..

1) could i install XP to my external hard drive and have the old internal one for my backups?

2) If i install xp to my internal drive, what about moveing My Documents to the external drive? If not the actual file make my own version of my documents folder and use that as my defualt places for my pictures or videos? And also my backup images? (so theres no crud but XP on the original drive?) Also are there risks of doing any of this?

My thinking is since my pictures and documents and downloads are on another drive then my inastalls and operating system they sould be safe with my image backups. But i do back up my pictures and documants to a online drive aswell. I also have a small 12BG drive laying around somewhere that i could use for something...

Any Ideas?
If it ain't broke don't fix it, improve it, break it then fix it
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Hi systemcrash,

I recommend to follow your thoughts under 2. Use your internal drive for the OS and the apps. User your external drive for your data.

You can define in XP where "My Documents" is located. However, Windows will then write a lot of stuff into it. All application settings, configs and stuff will end up on your external drive. Imagine most of your current local 'My Documents' residing on your external HD then.

I have a similar setup, only that I did not redirect My Documents. I want full control of that folder and do not like Windows writing anything to it.

I also recommend a second external HD for backups. It seems useless to backup data onto the same drive.
Best regards, George
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You might want to make an image backup of you freshly installed XP and then start doing incremental image backups to you external drive. I would also suggest verifying your images.

Restoring from an image is fast and relatively painless.

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Thanks for the advice on this guys i aprititate it. i have done it as option 2 and keeping my documents ect on my external drive.
If it ain't broke don't fix it, improve it, break it then fix it
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