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Originally Posted by Ritho
I used hp printers for years. Hardware wise they are rock solid. It is amazing how engineers can design such amazing devices then the software coders screw it all up. The last printer I had gave me fits, because the software was so temperamental, and it wasted tons of paper because it would often go haywire printing pages of gibberish because of the faulty drivers. Then one day quite by accident I discovered that HP often has "minimal" or "basic" drivers for printers hidden away on their site. I downloaded the one for my printer and all my troubles went away. I never so much as had a hiccup from that day forward. Still I hate that HP has begun to force so much bloatware on their customers just so they can print.

I found the basic driver for your printer on the HP site, and it is a 38mb download as compared with the standard driver/software of 135mb. Perhaps this is what you have already installed as you mentioned above. I know it is not the universal driver you and the rest of the world would like to have, but you will find your computer will love you a whole lot more with the light version. There are also some small utilities available for the printer.

Thanks for that, Ritho..that's basically what I did. I downloaded the large file and just went with as few tools as possible..and the driver of course. I did download the smaller more basic file at first, but couldn't install it right I "cheated" and went with the full-install option instead.

Anyway, I got there in the end..and got my over-due printing done as well..which is what this was all really about to begin with..

Thanks again, for taking the time to reply to this.

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