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Default Can my USB mobile broadband stick get virused?

Is there any any known virus that can specifically target my internet stick and if so are there any extra security measures i can take to try and prevent this?
I use Avast for my realtime scanner and Malwarebytes for on demand.
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My own connection here is currently via a Sony Ericsson MD300 USB broadband which like others of it's type also doubles as a flash drive, although with a 169MB total capacity it's not much use for storing movies on!

In this respect yes it can get infected and I've not yet found any USB specific security software which doesn't at some point cause a problem. I prefer to leave mine alone and just choose this drive for an extra scan or two. Programs like Panda Cloud, Malwarebytes and others offer this from a right click menu so it's very easy to scan it separately now and again. I've never found anything on it.
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Thanks MC.
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I found that when a USB drive was inserted into an infected drive with a rootkit, an extra file was placed on the drive, called autorun.inf

Removing that file did not affect the USB stick operation in any way.

So I guess if the drive is writeable, yes, a virus file can be written onto it. I know there is at least one app to deal with this kind of thing - for example by disabling autorun on any newly-inserted drive - so there are solutions. Or set the drive to read-only if this is possible?
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