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HeWhoRocks 21. Feb 2010 02:55 PM

Alternative Uninstall?
Hi all.
I have an asus notebook, and while checking the official site for driver updates last night I came across a system app called "asus fastboot": I looked it up and deemed it worth installing. The app seemed to do exactly the opposite of what it I expected (startup seemed to take longer), or at best made no difference. I tried several times to uninstall it but it just won't go away. Like I said, this is an official release and so should be clean and safe to leave on my system: I just don't want it there. Is there any other safe way to get rid of this app that doesn't require a full windows reinstall, because that just ain't going to happen?
Any help appreciated.

Anupam 21. Feb 2010 03:40 PM

If you have system restore on, then you could rollback to an earlier state, before you installed that software.

Otherwise, you can use Revo Uninstaller in the moderate mode, to uninstall.

JohnMW 21. Feb 2010 04:49 PM

The search tool "everything" which is actually part of windows will find all files connected with "asus fastboot' and you can delete them from the list.
Glary Utilities from Glarysoft includes a start up manager. Use this to turn off all unnecessary start up programs or use it to set a delayed start.

HeWhoRocks 21. Feb 2010 06:13 PM

Many thanks. :)

Anupam 22. Feb 2010 08:03 AM

Was your problem solved? If yes, how? :p

HeWhoRocks 22. Feb 2010 03:44 PM

Hi Anupam.
Wierdly, the problem was solved by removing PC Tools ThreatFire. I was using ThreatFire as an on demand scanner (Avast as main AV) with no problems, but a few days ago one of my games (FEAR) just stopped working. I tried to work out why, but i'm just not clever enough. Just out of curiosity, I then removed everything I had installed after FEAR, testing the game after each app had uninstalled, but with no success unti I removed ThreatFire. As soon as ThreatFire was gone my entire system speeded up (I had noticed it had slowed down but had not yet figured out why: even opening the control panel took around two - three seconds)and the game started up just fine. So anyway, FastBoot uninstalled in seconds with no probs, except now I don't have a secondary av scanner. Do you have any idea why ThreatFire affected my system in this way? :confused:

Anupam 22. Feb 2010 04:05 PM

Ah OK, so the problem was ThreatFire. It was even interfering with an uninstall? Surprising. Well, I do not have any idea about ThreatFire, never used it. MC might be able to tell about it in detail. But, all I can say is, people have had mixed experiences with ThreatFire. Sometimes it can intrusive, and start affecting the system, like with you. I don't know much.
Glad, you solved the problem, and thanks for posting it here :).

HeWhoRocks 22. Feb 2010 08:57 PM

Happy to do so.
It's always nice when a problem is solved.:D

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