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Joanna22 19. Feb 2010 03:23 PM

Antivirus Soft Trojan- PLEASE HELP! ;((
Ok I have a problem and I would reeeeeaaaally appreciate your help as I dont know much about computers and have noone to turn to ;((( So I have a PC and this false program got installed on it called Antivirus Soft where it blocks EVERYTHING from going to any programs to any webistes ;(( and it tells me that I have a trojan and need to purchase their program (which really is a trojan itself..) so I started to search for some help online and came up with this instruction video: YouTube - How to Remove Antivirus Soft which says to go to the safe mode and take it from there but my problem was next that I couldn't open the safe mode by tapping the F8 key on my PC as it said so I took this advice from some other forum:

go to msconfig ( click Start, Run, and then type in msconfig and hit Enter) the system configuration utility box comes up.

You should see several tabs across the top. One of them, when selected, has, in the middle of the page, a box you can check that says "Safe Boot". . check that box, and then click Apply and Ok and it will prompt you to restart the computer. .

do this, and then it will boot up in Safe Mode. ."
AND it helped- I could open it in a Safe Mode! but the problem follows there that I can't connect to the internet in the safe mode! and I'm sure it's not the internet that is faulty as I'm using my roommate's laptop and according to this instruction video on youtube I have to go on the internet next to solve the problem but when I go to start:run:ncpa.cpl there's no internet connections whatsoever there in the Safe Mode it is Completely blank! So I don't know how to fix this problem without connecting to the internet I'm sure it's because of this virus that doesn't let me to... Do you have any knowledge of how I can be able to solve this ? (from what I read others whom got this Antivirus Soft malware hadn't had internet connection interrputed) Please help.. :sad: :sad: :sad:


mr6n8 19. Feb 2010 04:37 PM

Apparently this infection changes your Internet Explorer settings to use a proxy server that will not allow you to browse any pages on the Internet.

Try this removal guide from BleepingComputer. It seems pretty complete, with instructions on undoing the proxy settings above and removal:

Anupam 19. Feb 2010 04:44 PM

Hi, welcome to the forum :).

Do not panic, this fake antivirus can be removed.

Please follow this excellent guide from BleepingComputer. Step by step information, with pictures, is provided on the page.

Follow the steps exactly as advised in the guide. If you have a printer, you can take a printout, so that it will be easy for you, to follow the steps.

Now you know how to boot into Safe Mode. When selecting Safe Mode, you should choose "Safe mode with networking". In that mode, you can connect to the internet. Forget about the YouTube video... you should follow the above guide. You might have to download some softwares, as given in the guide.

If you have problems downloading them, then go to a friend's house, or to a cafe, and get the required softwares from there, in a pen drive.

If you have any problems, you can post here again.

Good luck :).

Anupam 19. Feb 2010 04:45 PM

Ah, Steve aka keroffs, you beat me to it :D

Joanna22 19. Feb 2010 04:51 PM

Thank you so much for your immediate response Everyone! I really appreciate that tho it seems it won't be necessary now as I continued to follow the instructions in the youtube video I posted (I think t comes from the bleeping computer site as there's a link at the end) apparently it deals also with a situation where internet does not want to work (duh! didn't watch the full vid and started panicking ) HOWEVER.. maybe you could advise me with this one- It says in the video to open the browser and then go to the tools then internet options, Connections then LAN settings and to untick the Proxy option there and that's great 'cause the Internet works again thanks to that wohoo! BUT after I followed everything they said in the instruction video, got rid of the malware and got back to the Normal Mode guess what? the internet doesn't work until I untick the Proxy option again in the Tools.. unfortunately they don't say anything about that- What shall I do in that case?

And thank you again for your response and help Bless you!

Anupam 19. Feb 2010 05:03 PM

Hi again, great to hear you were able to follow the steps and solved the problem :).

Did you follow all the steps? Read the guide, and compare it with the video, to see if you missed any of the steps. Otherwise, the infection might still be there... because of what you tell about the proxy server problem.

Do you have to uncheck the proxy server everytime, you boot into Windows?

Do you use Internet Explorer, or do you have any other browser like Firefox, Opera etc? What is the version of IE that you are using?

We would suggest that you use another browser, apart from Internet Explorer, as its not considered safe. You can try other browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others. They are considered more secure.

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