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Maggie van der Merwe 18. Feb 2010 04:48 PM

Nothing happens when a CD is put into my laptop. I have checked my device manager and the driver is working. I have also downloaded Image Burn but it wont copy - the message I get is "MEDIUM NOT PRESENT". Can anybody tell me what the real problem is? I have cleaned the player a couple of times.

freedog96150 19. Feb 2010 01:30 AM

Might be bad hardware. Without further information, it is too hard to troubleshoot. You should research and use a system info program from this list and report back the finding.

Ritho 19. Feb 2010 06:11 AM

Maggie. Welcome to our forum.

Are you saying your laptop won't read any CD or DVD's at all, or just new blank media?

Can you give more information about it?
  • What brand of laptop?
  • Model numbers?
  • Manufacturer of drive?

Do you have a bootable CD/DVD of any kind? Do you know how to set your BIOS or use the boot menu to boot from a the CD? If so, this is a way to determine if it is a Windows, problem, or a mechanical problem. So if the drive works to boot the computer, the drive is probably functioning correctly, if not it is probably mechanical.

Is the drive making any different noises than usual? Is the optical "eye" moving, or perhaps stuck in any way?

Bob 19. Feb 2010 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by freedog96150 (Post 22900)
Might be bad hardware.

A similar issue frustrated me too some years back on blank media. I remember that after trying everything I could think of, I eventually took the Toshiba laptop into my retailers for an expert check out. They concluded it was a "Friday afternoon computer" hardware problem and replaced the optical drive for me under guarantee. However, I seem to remember that the problem returned... and remained undiagnosed. If I remember rightly, my workaround was to pre-format blank disks on another machine so that my laptop could see them.

Good luck anyway!

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