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Century22 17. Jan 2010 05:30 AM

Your Recommendations for DSL Modem.
I am searching for a new DSL Modem.
I would like you recommendations on what DSL Modem to buy.
With wireless ( N ) or without, What brands, which models, from whom.

I am looking into a 4 port hub (or switch), with wireless N.

Please post what you use or would buy to connect to the internet using DSL.

Thanks folks. :cool:

Jojo Yee 17. Jan 2010 06:46 AM

Mine is WBR-3460 11g Wireless ADSL2 with Modem Router, from Level One. Before that, I used TP-Link but it was damaged by lightning even with a protector - "strike twice and it's gone." :rolleyes:

kendall.a 17. Jan 2010 08:36 PM

Mine was supplied by my DSL provider. I did upgrade it to their "best" model, but ultimately, I didn't have much choice.

chris.p 27. Jan 2010 08:36 PM

Linksys / Cisco and US Robotics are good brands.

There are many good models from dozens of suppliers, it may be best to know what to avoid, rather than what specifically to buy.

There is little advantage to the Draft N wifi types except I have found that in 3-story houses they work better, from the ground floor router up to the top floor.

You could go to a specialist site like DSL Reports, to get more specific info. Also has superb info on many router features like admin access, resetting configs, hard resets, port forwarding procedures (getting your webapps to work through the firewall), etc.

I look for these features:

- Must be a 'name' brand, otherwise you can't get any of the vital info you'll need such as port forwarding data, access if you forget the pass, firmware upgrades, etc. So forget about cheaper models with names you never heard of, or store proprietary brands. You are looking for Linksys, US Robotics, Netgear, that kind of thing.

- Must have a good hardware firewall integral. All modern name brands do. Never use an ISP's free USB small form-factor router, they have no firewall. Your hardware firewall is probably the single most important part of your PC security setup.

- Must have a LAN port, for hardwired setup in case of wifi LAN issues. All modern ones comply.

The only specific make I won't buy now is Belkin, they used to be a good make but went down the pan bigtime. For example they had bad overheating issues on some of their router models (I had one it felt like you could fry an egg on), but they consistently denied there was a problem. I can take anything except lies so that did it for me. Plus the only USB hub I ever had pack up was a Belkin one.

I haven't tried the powerline 'wifi substitute' type yet.

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