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dre 20. Jan 2010 06:26 PM

Have you tried resetting the router? Use Open DNS for DNS, in the router manually,just to see. Make sure all network settings are obtained automatically.

Any other PC perhaps on a network that has IP range assigned?

computerfreaker 21. Jan 2010 10:20 AM

I'm no networking guy, but those DoS messages sound similar to something NoScript once had trouble with:
The problem there was fairly simple: the user's HOSTS file redirected certain sites to, the so-called "loopback address" (better known as localhost, the computer the HOSTS file is on). The redirection triggered a host of errors from NoScript's Application Boundaries Enforcer module because the redirection essentially "reflects" the request back to the host PC - NoScript saw the request as coming from an external site and properly blocked it.
Is it possible the problem's similar here? Something screwed up in the HOSTS file?

Also, did you try resetting your router? Since your other devices lost connectivity too, it sounds like the router might have a problem. It could potentially even have been taken over by an attacker:
Reset the router, change its default password, then try accessing it again and see what happens.

Also, you mentioned going to see your children to test their computers - I don't know exactly how you have your network set up, but if it's feasible you might want to bring your router along and see how their computers interact with the router. If their computers have trouble with the router, the router's the problem; if their computers don't have trouble with the router, something on your network is responsible for the problem.

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