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Talking XP Reinstallation disc, UBCD and Nlite tutorial

This is my first ever tutorial! although i haven't written much myself i could not find a single place with all this informatition in one place so i have compiled it all together to make a guide as such to make it easier.

Although i make back up images of my computer i wanted to make a recovery disc for my computer but my computer never came with a xp re-installation disc.

Searching for ages on the internet i found this link to make a re-installation disc.

I changed it slightly to make integrate SP3 its pretty easy if you follow instructions.

Then i came across nlite to make a optimized recovery disc so i dont have to configure the settings. or to insert the XP license Key.

To Find a license Key it will be on the computer tower (the bit that holds your computers components) it should have a sticker on it some where on the side or back and it will read a license key xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
If you cant find the sticker then you could download this

Then looking how to best use nlite i found out how to integrate programs i want to install to run when windows is installing, silently with no input needed
using SFX maker 1.2 RC3

This program allows most software to install silently. For the ones it cant handle you'll have to do yourself information on this page.

So once you got all your programs you could also do your hotfixes from microsoft so you have the latest updates without having to install 70 hotfixes that have been released after SP3 but you have to download them all.

This Program is useful even if you just want to download hotfixes to add to another computer later. You select the hotfixes you want and it downloads them all anywhere you like to keep.

Intergrate all this with nlite and you have the latest XP reinstallation disk available for your computer.
Check it works on a VM (virtual Machine)

BUT before burning the ISO. Download and install UBCD

Use a program to mount the ISO then use ubcd to find your latest installation disk. Configure UBCD to the way you prefure and update the necissary plugins Maybe use knoppix as multiple boot.

Create another iso and once again check it works on a VM

then you'l have a powerful recovery disc and re installation disc together Burn the new Iso to a DVD disc and your all done.

Or if you don't add a license Key and dont personalize the programs to your liking you then have a cd that you could use on multiple computers to repair or reinstall with the latest updates and program essentials, like Firefox instead of IE for example. Or OpenOffice instead of Microsoft office. Then once done add the license Key and register it online.

Not if the computer is not orignally XP and you install XP you will have to purchase a license Key from microsoft.

Please let me know if i have missed anything out and what you think. I know there are a lot of links but they cant really be helped.
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