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Default Sections of screen 'overlapping'

Sometimes sections of the screen overlap. Blocks of text comes down over the text below. You can see through it
but it can be hard to work. Sometimes sections move across the screen. It isn't a total block. Perhaps 2 lines of text cover the 2 lines below. Can anybody help. In plain english please because I'm a PC newbie
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More than likely this is one of two possible problems; 1) a bad monitor, or 2) a bad video card. One way to find out if it is the monitor is to try a different monitor and see if the same problem occurs. If it does, then it is probably a video card issue.

Another possibility is that you may not have the correct video card driver.

In order to better assist you, we need to know some specifics about your computer: Windows version, amount of RAM, type of video card, type of monitor (and how old), and your monitor settings. (Right click anywhere on the desktop, the left click on properties. Go to the settings tab and tell us your screen resolution, display, and color quality.)
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I'm wondering if this is simply a web page rendering problem you are describing?
In which case try another browser to see if it persists. Failing that it may just be down to a problem with the coding of individual websites.
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Some printer drivers (if you have one) and possibly an incompatible font choice can also cause this issue, but as Kendall says we would need more details about your system to be able to guess in the right direction
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Some screenshots might help .
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