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Default need advice

i'm not the best with computers but i can get around pretty good. My computer is running pretty slow, I've run both virus and spyware scans, defragmented but didn't seem to help much. Any suggestions ?
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Some more details would really help in answering your query better.

Please give details about your PC more... like amount of RAM, the processor, hard drive space with free space, the OS.
Also, which antivirus, and antispyware scans you ran.

Sometimes unnecessary programs can take up the RAM space, and make the PC slow. So, you can watch the processes with Task Manager, or a process watcher program like Process Revealer free, or Process Explorer, or Anvir Task Manager. You can search for Google for any unknown processes.
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IMO, once you're sure that you're clear of malware the next thing to look at is the amount of programs running in the background that are automatically starting up with your OS.
Try disabling anything unnecessary, rarely used, or that can easily be started manually when required. You can manage these startups with various apps e.g. Codestuff Starter, WinPatrol, Autoruns.
Also you may benefit from adding more RAM depending on your OS and how much you currently have installed?
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did you find vius,trojans...if so,,dis you empty system restore after that?..
like Anupam says post your pc specifications..and what antivirus,firewall running,,also if you have dsl connection.-router-firewall.
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In addition to all the other advice provided, try cleaning up your pc with Glary Utilities and CCleaner (beware of the registry cleaning).
Also, try running a disk space analyzer especially if your hard drive is filling up.
Lastly, other than hardware upgrades (and overclocking [experts only]), CleanMem may help (particularly if you have low RAM).

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And what security software do you have running?
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