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Tom Roberts 31. Oct 2009 02:11 AM

XP rebooting
My XP is rebooting spontaneously. Is there something I can do about this beyond prayers and curses?

Tom Roberts

MidnightCowboy 31. Oct 2009 11:05 AM

Unfortunately, there are so many possible causes for this that It's almost impossible to offer anything constructive without having the machine in front of you. It could be the result of just one issue or a combination of several ranging from a malware infection, miss installed or incompatible software, inappropriate use of cleaning or registry tools, a hardware problem, and so the list goes on.

Short of seeking expert advice, this information might help us to suggest something else:

1) During the boot process does your desktop appear and if so do any of your program icons appear in the tray before it reboots?

2) Can you recall any specific function you might have performed with the computer just before this issue occurred such as installing new software or removing something else?

3) Were you getting any Windows error messages on screen before this happened?

aqua 31. Oct 2009 05:02 PM

try a system restore first. and see what happens..
-then in safe mode run your antiirus..
-run antirootkit gmer,,it can be done win safe mode too.

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