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Default Checkdisk not working

I have windows XP SP2. Earlier, whenever my PC shut down abruptly, due to a power loss or the likes, checkdisk would check the disk on startup. But, nowadays it does not happen. The PC just boots straight up without going through checkdisk. Anyone knows why this happens, and how can I get it to work.

It does on work on even a freshly reinstalled system, whereas from the same OS disk, it used to work earlier.

I bought a UPS some months ago, but it is not giving me backup at all. It is turning off within seconds!! Totally sucks.
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It's a good thing to me if it boots up without checkdisk. Even if my PC sometimes goes to checkdisk due to abrupt shutdown, I tend to press Esc to skip it as I'm usually impatient to see the slow progress of checking disk from 1% to 100%, though some would say it's not advisable.

Having said that, should I really need to checkdisk, I would enter chkdsk in DOS window just to get it to do the task.
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