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Default Hard Drive filling up without explanation


I have a Lenovo T60 that came with a 50 GB hard drive. It is filling up!
It is running Windows XP Prof 2002 SP3 with MS Office 2007 Enterprise.
I also have McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise + Anti Spyware and my documents are about 797 MB.

I have an IT background [A+, Net+ and Helpdesk] so I do my best to keep it free of nasties and not hose the system.

The hard drive, after running all the Microsoft updates and so forth over two years has left me with only 15% free space or 8 GB. I am considering doing a fresh install and have already uninstalled many other programs such as the full Adobe Acrobat license I own.

We run XP pro at work and the hard drive, with office and also McAfee does not come close to taking up this much storage.

I have owned this for two years and wanted to get a larger
hard drive but it is under warranty and have to return it to the factory or my warranty is voided.

I am looking for ideas on what to check, a good utility to run to see how I can insure I can clean out junk files or unwanted guests I have not found yet.

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Have you emptied system restore?
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Check this out: Best Free Disk Space Analyzer.

Running CCleaner will probably help to get rid of unnecessary files taking up the space in the hard disk.

Hope this is of help.
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I had a similar thing happen years ago on my hubby's Windows ME system. It wasn't until I used SIW (portable) to see graphically that Windows Restore was hogging much of the hard drive. I have an older version than what is available at their site now but I see there is still a standalone version available which is just what you want when you're already trying to decrease usage.
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