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Default Help with Wireless Networking

I was wondering if someone could help me. I've been trying to set up a wireless network behind my adsl router. The first problem I'm having is the D-Link (Dir-615) wireless router seems to "forget" it's settings, particularly if I disconnect the power to it. The only remedy when this happens seems to be to run the set-up wizard again.

The other issue is the adsl modem that the wirelss router is behind wants to create a DMZ for it. I just don't like that idea much. Is there any way I can set up the wireless router behind the software firewall? eg use a second ethernet port to connect the wireless router to the computer so that the adsl gateway's path to the pc is unaffected?

The main purpose of the wireless router would be to share the internet with a Wii (and further down the track) another pc/laptop.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Question Might be of help...YMMV

good luck

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Well, the first thing that can be said here is that your router is faulty.

There is no way that a new wifi DSL router should lose the configs on a soft reset (which is just powering off and back on). The only thing that will happen is you normally get a new IP, which is transparent to you anyway.

The same thing applies to an 'auto-DMZ' which is what you seem to be describing. To place an IP in the DMZ must require an admin change, it cannot possibly occur by chance - or as a default

So it's simple:

1. Return the router, it's a dud.
2. If it's 2nd-hand or something - bin it and get a new one. That's why your 'pal' gave it to you, it's kaput.

Normally you must do a hard reset to lose the configs, wipe them, and revert to factory defaults. The procedure for this varies but is basically:

1. Power down.
2. Hit the reset button (hidden on the back panel).
3. Hold the reset button in and power up.
4. Keep the button in for 20 seconds.
5. Release it.

Now you should be back to factory defaults - no admin password, no ISP settings.

Get another router, yours is foobar.

ps --- You'll have some fun and games if you try to set up a DSL router for cable broadband, or a cable router for phone line broadband. The cable router has no modem in it. You'll get some way down the track but it won't work. However the faults you describe aren't related to this, at least, every time I screwed up badly enough to be doing this, I never saw any of those ones
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