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klickr 03. Oct 2009 09:55 AM

Cant login to email with limited user account

Recently I tried logging into email accounts while using a limited user account but the pages would not load. Gmail and Yahoo would not even load the login page, it just said no internet connection. With hotmail the login page would load but when I tried to log in it would say no internet connection. Other web pages were loading fine and I had no problems logging in to the email accounts on the same computer using an administrator account.

I have XP sp3, IE8 and the browser was sandboxed.

Thanks for any help.

chris.p 12. Oct 2009 03:01 PM

You're talking about webmail here (accessing the email acount via the web)?

How about if you use an email client and get it via POP3?

klikr 13. Oct 2009 11:02 AM


I have not tried POP3. It's not that I can't get to my email, I can still login using an administrator account. I would just like to find out why I can't log in using a limited user account.

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