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Default Help with DSL Setup Please

I just got a new computer running Vista that I will be updating to Windows 7.

I used to run Comodo, but got tired of all the alerts that wouldn't go away when you clicked "allow" or "block".

I just went back to Avast, which I had on my old computer.

Question I have, what else would be recommended?

I an on DSL.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Carol

I've moved your post here because it's likely to get more attention in this location which is specially for support requests.

I'm a little confused because first you talk about Comodo alerts (which I'm assuming relates to the firewall?) and then Avast! which is of course an AV solution. One comment I would make about the firewall is that it depends on how you answer the alerts which enables Comodo to remember your decision or not. If you choose the plain "allow" option then it will keep asking you the same questions.

What I would suggest please if I may to start with is that you have a browse through the article I wrote here because it isn't just the security programs on their own which will provide you with a safe environment online.

This might help you to decide what you think might be best for your own requirements, then you can post back here again for any advice you might need about setting it all up.
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Sorry MC but |I haven't read your article yet, I guess I should...

Carol, here's what I reckon is the quick answer (unusual for me, OK) -

> Hardware firewall - in the router
> Software firewall - Online Armor, or Ghostwall if you don't want any popups (but be aware that the popups mean a lot of extra safety and security as this is the ONLY WAY to stop nasties dialling out)
> Use a secure browser - Firefox, K-meleon, Opera. Don't use Windows default browser especially if it is <IE8.
> Use a secure email client like Thunderbird. Don't use Windows default email client!
> Antivirus - Avast
> Antispyware on-demand scanner - SuperAntiSpyware
> Use a simple password for login to your PC
> Encryption - use Axcrypt to encrypt any personal files on your PC, like account details etc
> Password manager - Use Lastpass (free) or Roboform (paid) + Firefox to hold your online logins etc

I think this is the minimum in terms of software. Also, to be secure, you need a security policy. For example, don't download screensavers; always change any password that has been sent in a plain text email; encrypt any files on your PC that have sensitive data; etc.

OK, MC, I read it now. Reminded me about safe email clients - thanks.
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chris one question:
if you recommend top use a third party firewall like armor or ghostwall,does it mean that windows firewall should be disable in services?.
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Running two firewalls at the same time can cause conflicts, Windows firewall should be disabled via the control panel if not already by the software firewall.
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but removing throught via control panel,only remove the program.
i think removing it throught services is more effective..
also ihave hardware-firewall enable.
i read once in wilders that disbling windows firewall frees a lotof cpu use. also that we can close ports throught seconfig,a small program and i read that is very effective.
what do you think guys?.
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Please, if you have a question or a problem which is not related to the issue on the thread, and it diverts the attention from the main problem that user posted... it would be good to open a separate thread, and ask question on that thread.

It is not fair to the user who started the thread to ask about his/her problem, and also things will get confusing, and disorganized if we allow this.

Thanks for co-operation.
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