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Default Seagate HDD requires "fiddling" to display

I am Win 10 (64bit) V 1909 with latest updates.
I have an External 1 Tb Drive from Seagate-have had for a few years
Box label says ! USB 3.0 TB/TO- USB plug in to laptop port .
My PC is only USB 2.0 but that is not a problem with USBs which instantly display when I connect them to my Main drive.

I use it as a backup mechanism . I copy individual new files from my main drive to it using Win Explorer.

Most times I have to connect it , disconnect it from PC , replug the connector to the HDD swap ports on Pc before it finally displays. This can take several attempts. Even then it can cut out in midst of file copying and display ceases.

What can I do to make it immediately display when I plug it in to my laptop?

I also have an old 2007 Mains Plug Western Digital HDD which works far more readily than the Seagate.

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Not enough power??
Try a "y" cable or a separate power supply.
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Originally Posted by Burn-IT View Post
Not enough power??
Try a "y" cable or a separate power supply.
Yep. Needs ideally a powered hub. I have a Seagate Expansion Drive that behaves exactly the same unless it has the right power input.
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