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oldbilbobaggins 25. Dec 2019 01:17 AM

Alternative modem?
I've been running a Linksys EA7500 ADSL router with a D-Link DSl-320B modem for a year, using only Cat5E cabling. The line-in wall socket incorporates RF filtration.
I've been having increasing 'line dropout' which the modem reconnects after a while.

My ISP has adjusted S/N Ratios ( ! ) which dropped my d'load speed from 13.5 Mbps to under 10. Unacceptable. I have a loaned Technicolor TG588v modem/router, which hasn't dropped the line in a week, and now have 12.4Mbps. He's convinced the problem lies with a faulty modem.

I'm considering buying a cheap Netis DL4201 modem device, to swop-out my D-Link job, and run it with my Linksys router. This should, I think, help establish if there's an intermittent fault with the D-Link device....

Thoughts? Advice? Give it up and try knitting muesli....? :D

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