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danielson 27. Jun 2019 02:17 PM

Aren't usb devices all the same?
I've been using a couple of usb devices to install and test Linux distros and for some reason, there's one called "Nextech usb 3.0" that just won't load the iso. Even when i download Windows 10 with their Creator tool, it just does not work.

In fact, i've set usb as top priority at boot (which creates other headaches) but nothing does the trick.

Is there a workaround i am missing?

Panzer 27. Jun 2019 03:05 PM

I once bought a USB from Kingston and could not boot Linux from it. Went online and found that that version had a flaw. I use it for storing ordinary data now.

It is possible you won't be able to use it for testing Linux.

Google for Nextech USB Linux flaw or sth like that ...

danielson 27. Jun 2019 03:45 PM


At least i'm not alone.

Sandisk did the job just fine.
Just sad not to be able to use a modern 32Gb usb3 device for such a "menial" task.

Burn-IT 22. Jul 2019 12:18 PM

A different make of stick, and sometimes, just a different stick of the same make may work.

USB stick booting is a minefield.

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