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danielson 14. Feb 2019 02:53 AM

USB device not "showing" files
Have been using an SSD as a backup device for data via usb connection.
For whatever reason (after trying to install latest Win 10 updates this a.m.), the files are no longer visible but it does show up as partition Disk 1 removable F:

The device can be accessed via Linux but i haven't tried to do anything with the files there.

Would just like to know how to bring it back to the way it was, acting just like a regular usb device.

MidnightCowboy 14. Feb 2019 07:04 AM

Does it show (as an "unallocated" partition) if you open "Disk Management"? If so it should just be a matter of using the options there by right-clicking it to re-assign the drive. After a reboot all should then be visible again. Alternatively just uninstall Windows and all your problems will disappear. :D

Remah 14. Feb 2019 08:15 AM

Are you are using a laptop on battery then it might be insufficient voltage which can be fixed by plugging in the laptop.

danielson 14. Feb 2019 02:56 PM

No "unallocated partition" showing.
Have re-assigned drive letter - no change.
Have shutdown, unplugged all usb connections for a few minutes, rebooted, no change.
Right click on "general" tab says device is working.
The "volume" one says "no media":

MidnightCowboy 14. Feb 2019 06:09 PM

Hmmm... Windows often generates stuff no one can quantify with any degree of certainty. I gave up long ago. All I use my Windows 10 for now is the odd bit of stuff connected with the site and watching Manchester United games via Nox Android emulator and GPB Sports that are not being shown on Brazilian TV.

If I understand correctly you can access this data using Linux? If you have another location you can transfer this too I would suggest to do this and then reformat the drive. Hopefully Windows will then see it correctly again and you can transfer the data back.

danielson 14. Feb 2019 06:21 PM

Double-checked on the Linux side and it was the Windows default system not the usb device i was looking at. What tricked me there was the little arrow that lets you unmount which is typical of usb devices.

Running out of options...

Burn-IT 20. Feb 2019 10:36 PM

Is that SSD in a USB caddy??

danielson 20. Feb 2019 11:23 PM

It's my old SSD connected via usb.
The light still goes on, but it seems like the motors' not kicking in anymore.

danielson 21. Feb 2019 02:09 AM

I'm just wondering if the usb connector could have become faulty somehow?

EldonW 21. Feb 2019 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by danielson (Post 125019)
It's my old SSD connected via usb.
The light still goes on, but it seems like the motors' not kicking in anymore.

What motor is this?

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