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Andre_f 08. Nov 2018 03:21 PM

Microsoft Office 365 - en-us
Hi Guys

Please help if possible.

I am running Windows 10 as it was installed on my HP when purchased.

I found that "Microsoft Office 365 - en-us" is also installed automatically and all the icons of my Word and Excel file have changed.

I bought Microsoft office home and student 2010, this was what I was using and still want to use until win 10 came along.

Can I remove "Microsoft Office 365 - en-us" without upsetting my current Word and Excel files.

Hope you can see this.

Regards and thanks

EldonW 08. Nov 2018 10:47 PM

Uninstalling Microsoft Office 365 will not affect the Word and Excel files. But, I suggest you first backup your office files.

Then install Microsoft Office 2010.

Remah 09. Nov 2018 02:39 AM

The changes were announced in June and started to roll out immediately. They updated my Office 365 in October.

Uninstalling Microsoft Office 365 might remove the problem but only if the changes haven't been applied to Office 2010. After you uninstall Microsoft Office 365 you should restart Windows. If the desktop icons haven't been restored then try doing a repair install of Microsoft Office 2010.

[quote]The new colors and icons will first appear in the web version of Word for
Then, later this month [June], select Insiders will see them in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows.
In July, they will go to Outlook for Windows, and in August they will begin rolling out to Outlook for Mac.

Andre_f 09. Nov 2018 06:39 AM

Thanks for the reply,

Have Office 2010 already installed. I am now going to uninstall Office 365 and get rid of my frustration

Andre_f 13. Nov 2018 11:39 AM

As said, Thanks.

If you do not handle something 100% you will always have comebacks, mine is the following.

Office 2010 was already installed and I have now uninstalled office 365.

Now when I try to open Excel files from explorer I get the following error.

It use to say, "This app can't run on your pc" I then went and change the installation with change your installation of office with a REPAIR.

Now it opens up Excel but it does not open the file. If I then opens the file form Excell it open up without issues. Is is just frustrating.

Word did the same but after the repair it now works.

Any help?


Remah 13. Nov 2018 12:39 PM

Office 365 has taken over the default file associations which is why you cannot open an Excel file and get Excel 2010 because Windows is still looking for Excel 365. The files still open correctly from Excel 2010 but the Excel files are not associated with it.

The options you have are probably as follows:
  1. Change the file associations to point at the correct executable file e.g. to Excel 2010. This change should stick provided that Office 365 is uninstalled, otherwise the default file association will revert back to Office 365.
    You can fix this manually but it is easier to try an automated method like this one:
    The answer on this webpage has more information on re-registering Office applications:
  2. Uninstall Office 201, restart the computer and reinstall Office 2010. This is a longer task but the simpler option if you can't change the default file associations.

Note that Office 365 can be installed so it doesn't affect those file associations but you have to choose this at install time. In your case it was too late.

Andre_f 14. Nov 2018 10:32 AM

Thanks a lot.

I have tried "Open with" and then chose Office 2010 but it says, "This app cannot run on this pc." I have also ran "excel /regserver" and it just opened excel and nothing else.

SO!, it seem to me, my only option would be to uninstall and reinstall.

Is it safe and will it not affect any Office 2010 files (Word, Excel and Power point) on the Pc.

Remah 14. Nov 2018 12:19 PM

Reinstalling Office should not affect any Office data files.

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