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danielson 05. Nov 2018 09:18 PM

Is it important to clean unplugged device ports?
Iobit Driver Booster has free and paid versions.
The paid version offers option to clean unplugged usb devices.
Just wondering how important this is and if there's a way to do it manually without the app?

Remah 05. Nov 2018 10:50 PM

It could be important if you suspect that a device driver is causing problems.

About once each decade I've had to remove such errant device drivers to fix a Windows PC problem. But I've never bothered with "cleaning" device drivers that are not currently used because most of those drivers are for removable USB devices that will probably be reconnected and therefore reinstalled again.

You can manually uninstall unused drivers but by default Device Manager does not show all installed device drivers.

1. Show non-present devices by adding the environment variable
Through the GUI
Through the commandline

2. Show Device Manager's hidden devices

3. Uninstall unused devices

danielson 06. Nov 2018 01:18 AM

Never thought about un-installing unused drivers. Interesting!

Have been having an issue with a usb connected storage device.
As of late, have had to plug/unplug before it up to 3 times before it gets recognized by Windows 10.

Remah 06. Nov 2018 01:43 AM

If you mean an external HDD then try connecting it when your computer is shutdown and see if that fixes the problem.

External HDDS function somewhat differently to a USB flash drive or memory stick. For a start they are installed under different categories in Device Manager:
  1. Portable Devices > devicename
  2. Universal Serial Bus controllers > USB Mass Storage Device
Portable devices can connect through MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) whereas Mass Storage Devices cannot.

There's other more technical differences too.

trainman261 07. Nov 2018 06:17 PM

Here's a good principle to follow with things like that: are you having problems and suspect that to be the culprit? If yes, proceed with caution (as you always should when messing with your system). If not, don't touch it.

danielson 08. Nov 2018 12:52 PM

@trainman261 - you are 100% right on that! ;)

-p.s. did discover a failing usb device (at least a back up was made before).

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