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West Swan 04. Jul 2018 08:40 AM

What version of Windows 8.1 was on a laptop?

I just received a laptop ($5) that didn't come with a hard drive.

But I have a spare hard drive so all good. I've already got it working perfectly with Linux Mint but just out of interest is there any way to determine what version of Windows 8.1 was on the laptop?

The Windows 8.1 sticker is on the bottom of the laptop but of course there is no product key so I don't know which version home or pro to install?

And how do I install if I don't know what version to install?

Does all that make sense? I've googled this quite a lot and can't decipher what most of the gurus are saying.



Remah 04. Jul 2018 08:41 PM

I haven't seen a utility to reveal the product key stored in the firmware. I've only ever seen applications like Produkey which run when Windows is installed.

What make and model of computer is it?
Many models of computer have a default edition installed and that information is available online. For example, if it is a Dell computer then you can use the service code to access the original install configuration.

Other indications:
Home for gaming computers and cheap or low-end computers
Pro for business computers

I have only seen Windows 8 stickers and not a Windows 8.1 sticker other than a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) that also shows the Windows edition. I wonder if that was only used on some brands. Anyway, if it doesn't say "Pro Windows" then I would try the Home edition.

P.S. I did a Google image search and it seems that Windows 8.1 stickers do show "Pro" if that is the default install. Presumably yours is "Home" because the sticker doesn't.

West Swan 05. Jul 2018 04:22 AM

Hi Remah,

You are completely right :-)

Installed the home version of 8.1 and it activated automatically.

Then I installed a $5 lifetime paid (so I won't mention it here) program to bring me back the Windows 7 start menu and all is right with the world again.

$5 plus a hard drive I had lying around for a Core i3 laptop with 4Gb of memory. Life is good :-)



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