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Default Mail Merge Date Format Problem

I am helping to "try" to set up an email confirmation of Paid Membership subscriptions using Mail Merge .
I am in New Zealand where we use the date format Day Month Year unlike USA which is Month Day Year.

Despite the Data source (an Excel xlsx file even an xlx version ) having the Paid Date showing as 14/12/2016 in MS Word it appears after Merge as 12/14/2016

Even if I change the Source Document to USA format and show December 14 2016 in Word after the Merge it still displays as 12/14/2016.

I have tried the various suggestions on Microsoft Community Forum (e.g. adding a switch to the Merge Field) but none works.

Does any GIZMO Forum member know of an Add on or method to overcome this issue?

b) to conclude ,. Merry Christmas ,Rob your efforts are greatly appreciated. Like you I generally save interesting posts re some programs but only end up installing a few.

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The date formatting is done at DISPLAY time (if it is held as a date not characters)
All dates are stored internally as a number of days since 1900.
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