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Default Help me

Look my laptop is under its own control I can't do anything to fix it it can't be done I want to see if theres anyone smart enough to fix this one if anyone knows anyone respond back please
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You have provided little to no information, so there is no way we can assist you. We need at least to know what Windows version you are using, how old the laptop is, and what exactly is happening.

Again, without a lot more information, we cannot assist you.
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As kendall says, we need a lot more information about your operating system and the exact nature of the problem before anyone can help you.

On the assumption your laptop may have been compromised and is being operated by someone else remotely, as a first step make sure it is no longer connected to the internet and if you have or had any external devices such as pendrives connected to it, make sure these are not used in another machine until you can scan them for malware.
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