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Default Windows 10 reset

I upgraded my PC from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro. For some reason it thinks I am a business as Cortana was deactivated and some other settings were pre-set. I don't remember doing anything but I did read numerous articles about deactivating all of MS's privacy issues. Can anyone tell me how to roll all Win 10 settings back to they were when I did the install? Should I just do a complete reinstall? Is there a link to a how-to article?
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do you want to reset win-10 back to it's default settings?
- that'll wipe everything ..

or just stop win-10 from calling home:
will do that bit.

with win-8x & win-10x - a general reset of the system,
is the same as a re-install of the system.
- which is a little easier to do:
but - this will wipe everything & set it back to it's defaults !.
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