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Question Problem with my laptop

My laptop crashed on me, now when I try to turn it on it seems fine up until the point were it logs on to my user account. All I see is a black screen with a yellow mouse. I tried Turning it on using safe mode but the didn't work.

I was wondering if there was anyway to save my data or any kind of easy fix, just a small glitch in the system. All advise will be very much appreciated, hope you guys can help me fix my little problem. Thx

(Hope this is the right place to post this thread) =P
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Yes, you are in the right place but it's not easy to second guess this type of problem which could have a lot of different causes from malware infection to system crash or component failure. If you're seeing a mouse (presumably the one installed) then it would suggest that at least part of Windows is loading. Or is it a mouse symbol you are seeing? Another problem with laptops can be screen failure, often due to the small battery it contains crashing but then there would be nothing visible in the display without using an external light source. You can test this by shining a bright light onto the screen or taking the laptop to a light window. The image should then be visible in the background except of course it won't be illuminated to see normally.

Anyway, you really do need to seek external advice for this. Your data should be recoverable providing that the HD is still functioning. If all else fails, this can be removed and the data extracted to another drive.
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I have a similar issue, but not at start up.

Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the black screen and see if that helps.

What operating system are you using?
While searching for an answer to my issue, I ran across a number of people with Vista who had this issue with a User account and had to log in with Administrator privileges.

But, as MC has said, there could be many reasons for this.
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