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Hi,sorry as to where I've placed this comment but I really don't know where else to find the relevant threads to say hello and to also ask my initial inquiry,so apologies in advance.

I found a page from Rhiannon I think it was from a few years ago and was reading it etc and thought I'd join up hoping to find out more.

I've just purchased my first laptop in years and because I became a bit of a technophobe I guess I accept the fault is my own but essentially I'm here to learn as much as I can.

So my question is can anyone out there help someone like me get to grasp with modern technology and help me understand everything possible as I need to drag myself into this new age and stop avoiding technology,I guess I need help with the very basics if possible.

Thank you in advance for any help possible
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Users here are very helpful but it is a big ask to "help me understand everything possible"

Two things I often tell users:
  1. Understand how a computer works so you have the right conceptual categories to store what you learn. If you don't have a clear picture in your head and the right terminology to attach to what you learn then everything goes into the "I don't understand computers" or "it's magic" drawers in the filing cabinet that is your brain.
  2. Practice until it feels natural. It is easier to do if you are younger but older people also benefit from trying things out every day until you remember what to do.
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Computers are capable of doing countless different things!
I would suggest you first decide what you want to use it for. I guess you bought it with some specific purposes in mind?
Break it down into individual tasks and learn each, one by one, starting with the most basic of tasks and working your way up.

You're obviously capable of browsing the internet. Practice using search engines... they can be your guide to pretty much everything. If you have a specific question, type that question into a search engine and chances are it's been asked and answered before.

As a priority, learn how to use the internet safely and best practices to avoid malware. Consider adding an adblocker to your browser to filter out a lot of the junk?
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Here is a good starting point.
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Everyone is different but often practical help achieves better results than trying to self-digest stuff from a manual. In my experience this certainly applies more often to older people. The ideal solution would be the type of computer courses geared especially for elders that are available in many places. Maybe you don't have access to such where you live but what's available might surprise you if you ask around - Library, church, seniors club etc. Then there's always family, friends, neighbors, especially with kids for whom using this type of technology is second nature. I'm sure one of them would be pleased to get you started with the basics. Once you become proficient with the basics you can then extend your knowledge at your own pace depending on what you want to accomplish with your laptop.
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From my experience, the courses you can get are a complete waste of time.
I have had to live through my wife trying a couple and they were not very good at all.
I have found that both the 'Idiot's Guide' and the 'for Dummies' series of book are far better and if you couple those with actual real life hands on (supervised) experience then most people learn quite quickly.
The biggest thing that needs teaching is what online sites to avoid.
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