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Originally Posted by tony View Post
It gets a bit tedious keep logging in and out or keep clearing the cookies so as I can gain access to the site. Sorry not trying to be negative it is just how it is

I've been having this trouble too.The last few days I've been doing something that seems to work.
I am usually logged in at the site, so what I've been doing is going to one of the main pages (home, hot finds, recent posts) and scrolling all the way down the left column until the link 'Editor's Forums for this site' shows up.
I click on that link, which takes me to the 'Editors Forums for this Site' page.
I click on the 'Category Editors Forum" link and that lands me in the TSA forum, logged in.
I haven't tried logging in from the 'Editors Forums for this Site' page.
It might work.
Here's the link:
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For the past week I have been getting the Access Denied message when I try to log on at work.

Obviously, because I don't have administrator rights on my work machine I cannot go in and delete things. I spoke to my IT guy and he came and did something so I could get on, the next day it was access denied again. At the moment we are having a lot of changes with the system so I don't feel I can keep asking him to come and sort it out when he is snowed under.

Once it has all been sorted he said he will have a look and make sure I can log on. In the meantime, I will just have to wait...

A bit strange because people are still able to get on to Facebook, eBay,Twitter and all the other sites around, just not Gizmo's!
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