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Default Computer wakes from sleep mode

Windows 7. My computer just started waking from sleep mode in about 15 minutes after I put in to sleep. It has no adware according to Malwarebytes. I disabled wake from sleep for the wireless mouse and the network card but that didn't help. I did a search for the last device that woke up the computer and it said Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center).
Now that we know that how do I fix the problem and stop it from awakening the computer from sleep? I forgot to mention that it has a PS2 mouse.
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Since you mention that it indicated the USB receiver, did you try simply unplugging that and seeing if that fixes the problem? That way you would know 100% for sure that that is causing the problem, and you could go in and prevent it from waking Windows from sleep mode.
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No I didn't do that. I can try that. Thanks.
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You can find out what is waking your computer using the powercfg command. See this thread for more info:
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