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Default Files on drive but not visible?

Hi folks.

Now, recently I have backed up a boatload of films that I have on DVD on to a 1TB External HDD. There were over 150 films altogether as well as box sets of TV series' so It started to look quite cluttered. I tried to tidy the drive up by putting the films into a folder called Films. To my knowledge all films had gone to the folder (I hit Ctrl+A and drag-n-dropped all the films to that folder), as they has all disappeared from the screen, with no pane showing the files were waiting to be moved.

Now, for some reason all but the last 37 films didnt copy to the Films folder. When I went to view the films on my TV via an Android streaming media box, the Films folder was empty. So I disconnected the drive from the media streamer, and reconnected it to my PC. The last 37 films (starting from S in alphabetical order, not that its even important) are still on the drive, even though they showed as moving the the Films folder earlier. When I went to the Films folder it was empty. I Right Clicked on the folder and checked Properties which showed the Folder was taking up 0 bytes on the Drive.

But, the thing is, the drives actual size is 931GB, and the Files that are visible are around 66GB. However, when looking at the properties of the Drive, there is 767GB free. So there is another 120ish GB being accounted for but no files that are visible, and I have all hidden files and folders set to visible.

Any ideas on what could have happened? I have used Recuva, and all its doing is finding files that I know I have already purposely deleted off the drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Regarding the disk space issue here's some reasons.

1. The space could be used by system files.
In "Folder Options" you checked "show hidden files and folders" but you should also uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" so you can see them to.

2. The Recycle Bin is not empty which means that the files actually take up space. Just take note that this space is included in some free space statistics but not in all of them.

3. If System Protection is on for that drive then that will be using space.
From your System properties select Advanced system settings then the System Protection tab. You can get to system properties in several ways including through Control Panel | System and Security | System or by right-clicking "This computer"/"My computer" and selecting "System properties" from the drop-down menu.
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