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Default BOOTMGR missing press Ctrl+Alt+Del


Where to begin? OK... I'm a techno phobe, I thought World of War Craft was a global knitting competition for military clothing. I prostrate myself at your mercy please please help me fix this problem.
(cue harp music and squiggly flash back visuals)
It all began this afternoon when I noticed that my C drive was dangerously close to full (like5gb spare) whilst my D drive had 223gb spare, what I wanted to do rather than deleting my D drive was to shrink it down in size and then add the freed memory to my C drive (oh if only things were this simple). What I found was that I could use the system management tool to shrink the D drive BUT I could not then simply transfer that memory over to the C drive, so I returned it to the D drive and thought no more of it. I did however remember clicking something about 'active partitions' and there being a warning come up on screen advising me that something like this could happen... Low and behold, on the next start up I get this dreaded message!!! "BOOTMGR missing pressCtrl+Alt+Del" oooooh what a clowns shoe I have been, why did I think I could do such things with starting a fire or blowing up the cat!
Please show mercy on this spam fisted wretch and help him see the error of his ways..
My OS Is windows 7 which was pre installed (so I have no back up disc)
I have a Toshiba Satellite 660 with 4Gb ram and a 500gb hd
I have recently had the motherboard replaced after I left it with my family and my nephew fried the original mobo... Gggrrrrr
I don't know if this is relevant to this problem, but I have found it impossible to enter safe mode I have tried every combination of pressing and tapping every function key and others and still I get the same message..... Please PLEASE someone help me solve this problem and I will be indebted to you for life.
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