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Default a problem with hibernating windows 8.1

Hi everybody
I have a problem with my windows8.1
It shuts down when I try to hibernate it.
what's the reason?how can I fix it?
thanks in advance
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This is a complex area because your options depend upon the hardware built into your computer and there are settings in your BIOS/UEFI firmware as well as Windows itself.

Normally, for troubleshooting there is a useful Microsoft guide. But for hibernation issues I haven't found Microsoft to be as helpful as other guides such as this one. You might want to try this out first.

To determine "the reason" requires some information:
Are you hibernating using a key combination built into your computer or are you hibernating by selecting the option from a Windows menu?
You say it "shuts down": Do you mean that when you select hibernate it tells you it is shutting down? Or do you mean that when you try to awaken from hibernation it doesn't work and instead it restarts or you have to restart it yourself?

Other potential reasons are settings like InstantGo which maintains your network connections while your computer sleeps, i.e. like a smartphone. But as far as I know hibernate wouldn't appear as an option for you to select.
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