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Default Need help with malware removal

HP desktop, Windows 8.1, Kaspersky security/antivirus:

Need some help with this program, Junk Removal. It was recommended as one of four to get rid of the TOVI search malware/adware. But my computer and I are 'special'. This program hangs at 'checking startup'. I have left it for finally goes away. I have ran several programs around it and re-ran it. I am unable to get it to finish. I have went offline and disconnected Security software, disabled purchased anti-virus , and any other utilities that might interfere. It still hangs on that one spot. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I acquired this Tovi thing by trying to download my favorite desktop memory program. I had it on my old computer that crashed. I WAS careful in unchecking any boxes asking giving permission to attach these 'other' programs. But instead it downloaded ALL but the program I originally wanted. Hope someone can help.
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JRT is a remover and some malware can't be removed if they are running. I recommend running RKill from Bleepingcomputer at the link below to stop all harmful processes then run JRT and see what happens.
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Rather than trying stuff by yourself, I will recommend posting on Bleeping Computer forum, where security experts can guide you on full removal of any malware on your system:
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