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Default Dell Insp 1501 - sicker

Win 7 home premium sp1, build 7601. A few weeks ago, a new tool, app, whatever appeared on start menu. Called system configuration. Curiosity, nearly killed, this beast. I thought I avoided making any changes, however I had the flu and I may have altered things.

Also, I've been doing some very cautious registry hacks. After said hacks all was well for several weeks, until used the screensaver to leave my better half a message. The only "Text" option was 3D text, This was also OK for about a week. Then after an automatic windows update and reboot. The only way this would boot was in safe mode.

After some looking in the device manager, I discovered that the PC had changed display driver to "VGASave" and also ATI Radeon 1150.

I can restore the registry from a copy, Question is this a good idea?
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System configuration is likely to be Microsoft's MSConfig.exe program. Check it out by right-clicking on the menu item and check the properties to find the program it is running

VGASave is a basic VGA driver used for Safe Mode and when there is no valid driver for the display adapter. As you are booting in Safe Mode that probably explains its presence in the device list. Normally you won't see it.

Registry hacks!? ... no comment is needed about the problems they can cause. I hope that you created a system restore point before each hack so it is easy to back them out if they cause problems.

The problem with restoring the registry from before the Windows updates is that the updates have been applied but the registry will no longer indicate this. While this may not cause you any problems it has the potential to cause you further problems. That is why I would try a Windows system restore because it syncs the settings correctly whereas a registry restore does not.
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