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Default Recover Data lost

How can I recover data that I deleted by mistake off my hard drive
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You didn't say if it's your C: drive but I'll assume so. First of all stop using the computer (or drive) immediately!! This will reduce the risk of the data being overwritten.

Beg or borrow another computer and download Recuva Portable from this page and put it on a flash drive. Take the flash drive to your computer and run Recuva. Search the drive on which you deleted the file(s). Check to see if the file(s) are found and restore them.

There is no guarantee that the files may be recovered or would be intact.

I'm sure there must be another way to recover the data using a Linux live CD. However, I'm no Linux expert so hopefully someone with that knowledge will chime in. If you could use this method it would be even better since you would be booting from the Linux disk and not touching the hard drive at all.

Okay, I did a quick search and found these 2 articles:



Good luck!
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Also take a look at this review for more data recovery software:
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Sorry if this is too obvious - you don't say what kind of level of user you are - but can we assume that the data in question is permanently deleted, as opposed to being in your recycle bin?
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