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Default Stream Netflix USA to UK

I live in the UKand have been a subscriber to Netflix for some time now, and a few weeks ago decided I would like to stream USA Netflix to my tv.
I signed up with Blockless, changed the DNS in my Router and get US netflix on my PC and TV with no problem.
My TV is a Samsung UE55D8000,and is too far away from the PC to use a cable. I use homeplugs for the TV to connect to the router and internet. Am having a long running problem getting the UK BBC iPlayer to work on the TV. with the B'less DNS, all the other UK apps work ok. Have had long running and ongoing email correspondence with B'less with no luck so far. Beginning to think it may be a problem specific to this TV. Regional licencing problem?.Would like to hear from anyone with the same TV that has had diffculties. Switching to UK on B'less site makes no difference.
Can not do without iPlayer!.
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PS Would Chromecast do the trick?.
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