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Ivtec 18. Dec 2014 05:23 AM

Win7 on HP DV5 1254 US
Hi guys I was given this weak a Laptop HP Pavilion DV-5-1254 US and came win Win Vista but had problems i tried to repair it but i did a recovery that went sour and i lost the OPS vista,now i'm thinking of getting one of those Win7 Premium 64 bit oem Full built and install from scratch.
My question will this HP PC will install and will i have all the software to make it run good?

Anupam 18. Dec 2014 07:24 AM

Looking at the drivers category on the page that is in your post, it seems that Windows 7 64-bit will be able to install on the laptop. You will have to install Windows 7 from the disc that you will purchase, and then you will have to download the drivers from the HP site, and then will have to install the drivers.

Once you are able to install Windows 7, there should be no problem in installing software.

Although surely your laptop will support Windows 7, but, you can confirm it by running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft:

garth 18. Dec 2014 04:19 PM

When i bought my current laptop new it was supplied with Vista, and was slow, buggy and prone to crashing etc. Within days i did a clean install of Win7 and the laptop was transformed into everything i hoped it would be when i bought it. Can't speak for anyone elses experience of Vista but i found it to be, at best, irritating. In contrast, the only issues i ever had with Win7 are issues i have caused. Anyway, i don't wanna pull this thread off topic (which is hardware specific), just wanted to share my experience.


Anupam 18. Dec 2014 04:44 PM

I have the same experience as you garth. I too have put Windows 7 on a few laptops having Vista earlier, and these laptops used to run kinda slow with Vista on them. After Windows 7 was installed, it's like they got a new life :).

Ivtec 18. Dec 2014 09:32 PM

Thanks guys; i was told that when you install drivers from HP web site,
Not to install HP Protect Smart download!, it will screw you PC! is this true and how do i download drivers from HP?thanks.

Anupam 19. Dec 2014 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by Ivtec (Post 106309)
i was told that when you install drivers from HP web site,
Not to install HP Protect Smart download!, it will screw you PC! is this true

No idea about that. You will have to ask someone who has an HP laptop.

Anyways, it seems like a protection software for hard drive from shock, and doesn't seem like something which can harm the laptop.

But, again, it's your laptop, and your choice.


Originally Posted by Ivtec (Post 106309)
and how do i download drivers from HP?thanks.

From the link in the first post, click on Drivers, which will lead you here:

Choose the OS for which you want to download the drivers. Then, you will see a list of drivers for audio, video, network, etc. Just start downloading each one.

Ivtec 22. Dec 2014 02:24 AM

Lucky Me, Win7 solved.
Hi guys;Today I had a Lucky day i solved my Win7 Stuation and only spent 50 Bucks,i went to town and i decided to enter in one of the Pawnshops in the area,
and in the shelf i noticed an HP Laptop just like mine except color was Black,while mine is dark silver,and it has Windows7 Home Premium,although it came from Factory with Win Vista, the previous owner must had replaced the Win Vista with Win 7,still had the win Vista Logo sticker on it, the Mod.# HP Pavilion DV-6 1259DX, 6 GB Mem everything else is same of HP DV-5 1254,it had a couple keys taped up with scotch tape, and battery was dry, What was no big deal i already repaired those easy.
Well story short, i saw the price tag and it was marked as it is, 100.00 US
dollars, as always i argue price on Flee market stuff i buy, i offered 50.00 dollars, i did not think that they would let it go for that much but for my surprise they said Yes, if you i pay the Taxes which were only 3 bucks,i was so happy because the Laptop works great the win 7 is fast, doesn't have all that crap they install at the dealers, is fast to boot it's 5 times faster than the Win vista that i had in the other HP DV5,this was my best find and purchase ever. Thanks everybody for trying to help, for you all have a Merry Christmas.

garth 22. Dec 2014 02:39 PM

Great result at a bargain price:)

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