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Question missing web and email addresses

I recently purchased a new pc.
The company installed windows 7 family premium,
my old hard drive (which is now my slave) had windows 7 ultimate.

I need to find our how to recoup/import my email and web addresses form the windows 7 ultimate to the windows 7 family premium.
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What email program did you use and are you using it on the new PC too?

There are lots of guides for doing transfers and imports. You can search the web for those. Sometimes the version of the program will also make a difference to the file locations and transfer process.

Most PCs have the files stored in the same folder per user. You can search for them yourself if you know the filename extensions e.g. .PST for Outlook.
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Probably your emails are on the host server, not necessarily on your PC.

For Thunderbird check here:

For Outlook here:

For windows mail here:
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Yeah no one will be able to assist you unless you can provide the name of the program you used for e-mail.
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